Since 2014 serving as a City Commissioner, The City of Longwood has become:


  • Fastest Growing City in Central Florida in 2016
  • Top 2 City For Families with Children
  • Top 4 Safest Places to Raise a Family
  • Top 7 Florida City to Start a Business
  • Top 9 Suburb to Raise a Family



*Source City of Longwood Community Development

Dear Friends,

The last three years have been very productive, with the completion of Reiter Park scheduled for next year, partially funded by grant money. Grant money has also created improvements including new lighting to Candyland Park.  A Complete Streets Grant has our community benefiting from a bike lane and sidewalks while Church Avenue is being repaved.  Major improvements are also underway on Ronald Reagan, which will transform our downtown.  I welcome your input, please contact me with your questions or concerns.





Mark Weller

(407) 708-3556

Since Being Elected in April, 2014, I Have:

  • Graduated from Institute for Elected Municipal Officials - Advanced Course
  • Attended many homeowners meetings
  • Helped citizens resolve issues with the City
  • Walked neighborhoods, meeting my constituents
  • Worked with the City Manager, department heads, the Fire Chief, and Police Chief regarding City operations and issues

During the Last 3 Years, the City Has:

  • Kept taxes low by growing the commercial and residential tax base
  • Maintained our excellent emergency services
  • Upgraded the appearance of the City
  • Upgraded our Parks
  • Improved our Historic District



My Objectives for Next Term

Continue to Attract New Business to Longwood By:

  • Redevelopment of 17-92 & SR 434
  • Helping our neighborhoods flourish which encourages growth and higher real estate values
  • Support development opportunities in our downtown


New business development will expand our tax base resulting in lower taxes for our citizens


Swearing in Ceremony, April 2014

I Will Not Support Any Gambling Expansion to The Sanford Orlando Kennel Club


As a longtime dog owner, I am concerned about the humane treatment of all dogs including the Greyhounds.  Since becoming a commissioner in 2014, the Dog Track has contacted the Longwood City Commission multiple times to expand gambling operations in Longwood.  From the research that I have read, the Sanford Orlando Kennel Club is considered one of the worst dog tracks in the State of Florida that injures Greyhounds.  As your City Commissioner, I would not support any effort to expand gambling operations at the Sanford Orlando Kennel Club considering that any expansion would continue the inhumane treatment of the Greyhounds that would race there.  My opponent Matt Morgan has accepted a large campaign contribution from the dog track (click here to view).  How can my opponent say he wants the best for Longwood when he supports expanding The Sanford Orlando Kennel Club and the associated crime and family problems that any gambling expansion would bring to the City of Longwood?  I plan to keep Longwood one of the best cities to raise a family and will work hard to continue making the City of Longwood the “Best City in Central Florida” by rejecting any attempt to expand gambling operations at the Sanford Orlando Kennel Club located in our City.

Political Advertisement Paid For And Approved By Mark Weller, Candidate For Longwood City Commission, District 4